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Basic PLC GE Fanuc Training

Berikut ini kami menawarkan training Basic PLC dengan menggunakan PLC GE Fanuc. Training akan dilaksanakan pada tanggal : Sabtu, 28 September 2013 Adapun Silabusnya adalah sebagai berikut : – Pengenalan PLC – Basic Hardware dan Spesifikasi – Configurasi dan Pemrograman … Continue reading

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Multigas Detector Repair

Part of our services is to repair portable gas detector. We are support different brand of gas detector such as Honneywell, BW Clips, MSA, and Rieken Keiki. keyword : Jakarta Indonesia multi gas detector

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Fire and Gas Detection Preventive Maintenance

Fire and Gas detection system is an essential facility, especially in an hazardous area which combustible gasses might be appear. Preventive maintenance we did to ensure the fire and gas detection system is functioning. Part of our maintenance activity include … Continue reading

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Customers for Custody Gas Meter

1. Pertamina Hulu Energy ONWJ 2. … (Waiting for another Company)  

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Gas Metering System Calibration

Gas Measuring methodology we used for calibration based on fundamental orifice gas metering. A set of system measurement involved temperature measurement and pressure measurement which is feed the reading to the flow computer. The procedure for calibration is set up … Continue reading

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Custody Meter Certification

It is a major requirement for company point of sales to certify their metering facility before they can start selling their products. In oil and gas area, the regulation is strictly controlled by government through Direktorat Jendral Migas and the … Continue reading

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Underground MV/LV Cable Pulling 01

This document is to describe the ability of our team to setup Cable Pulling and Cable Laying for Medium Voltage (MV)/Low Voltage (LV) and Fiber Optic(FO) Cables. MV Cables needed to distribute 6.6 kV Electrical Power from Power Generation Building … Continue reading

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