Fire and Gas Detection Preventive Maintenance

Fire and Gas detection system is an essential facility, especially in an hazardous area which combustible gasses might be appear.

Preventive maintenance we did to ensure the fire and gas detection system is functioning.

Part of our maintenance activity include :
1. Perform function tests for individual fire detector and repair/replace any malfunction heads/sensors/cards.
2. Maintain integrity and cleanliness for individual fire detector.
3. Perform calibration for individual fire detector to eliminate measurement error.
4. Perform check, clean of  Fire and Gas Panel and maintain wiring system integrity.
5. Perform function test of output logic from fire and gas panel to ESD system and annunciation system(strobo light, paging system).
6. Maintain records and eliminate defects (faults or bypass).

The lists of field instruments such as : IRPGD and OPGD (open Path Gas Detection).

for detection activity we use both spectrum generated tools and consumable gas methane to simulate the detection response.

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