Underground MV/LV Cable Pulling 01

This document is to describe the ability of our team to setup Cable Pulling and Cable Laying for Medium Voltage (MV)/Low Voltage (LV) and Fiber Optic(FO) Cables.
MV Cables needed to distribute 6.6 kV Electrical Power from Power Generation Building to Substations, the LV Cables is to distribute 0.4 kV Electric Power from substations to Buildings.

Fig. 01 – Cable Drum of MV/LV/FO

Cable specification :
Size : 3C x 50 sqmm to 4C x 240 sqmm
Length : 300 meters to 1000 meters
Material : Copper & Aluminum

Project Specification :
Area : Oil and Gas Standards
Location : Karimun Island – Indonesia
Type of Cable Pulling and Laying : Direct Buried.

Project Preparation
Project Preparation include the following activities :
Engineering :
Engineering is to verify planning for cable route, cable drum schedule, cable schedule, splicing plan and pulling method.
Calculation Provided :
Maximum Pulling Tensions
Allowable roller distance
Maximum Cable Length

Documents Submission
Documents submitted include requirements for HSE (Health Safety and Environment), QAQC (Quality Assurance and Quality Control), Project Schedule, and Project Execution Plan.

Include in the service is procurement for the following materials:
Cable end caps
Splicing kit
Underground Warning Mesh
Cable Route Markers

Project Execution
Project execution include survey of the landmark to define obstacles during the pulling. The existence of hill will be mark on the pulling method. Include in the surveys is to verify the actual distance of each pull, to define the splicing plan.

Fig. 02 – Measuring the distance of actual condition to verify engineering documents

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One Response to Underground MV/LV Cable Pulling 01

  1. Nafees A Khan says:

    Dear Sir,

    Please sned your catalog for Cable Route marker for underground cable

    Nafees A Khan
    Commissioning Engineer
    L&T electrical and Automation FZE Dubai
    Mob: +971-555316472
    ph: +971-48131900

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