Underground MV-LV Cable Pulling 02


Tools to be prepared for the cable pulling include :
Cable Rollers
Cable Jack
Lifting Device to transport Cable Drums

Fig 03 – Cable Rollers

Fig 04 Cable Jack

Fig 05. Lifting device to transport cable drums

Refer to IEC Standards 60502, the following testing provided to ensure the quality of project execution:
Insulation Resistance Test
HiPot Test
OTDR (to test continuity and quality of Fiber Optic Cables)

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2 Responses to Underground MV-LV Cable Pulling 02

  1. Andrew CHEE says:

    Dear Sir,
    Please advice your services and cost for our budget calculation with one XLPE / Cu MV cable outdoor installation for cables pull.

    What kind of equipment do you have for outdoor installation 12 X 600mm2 ; distant about 600 meter over head cables trays installation outdoor.
    Site within Indonesia.
    appreciate very much for your respond as soon as possible.

    Andrew CHEE
    EleMat Technology Pte Ltd.

    • imantri says:

      Dear Mr. Andrew,
      thanks for stop by.
      We are currently have 7 tons capacity of cable jack and the cable rolls.
      When necessary we could manufacture cable jack with capacity above 7 tons.
      please check your email.

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